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Preparing for College

Adult Education offers free classes to help students improve basic academic skills like reading, writing, and math.  These classes help prepare students for College level coursework leading to a degree or certificate.  Many of these college preparation programs lead to a noncredit certificate.  Adult Education offers most of these classes in various locations to increase student access to these essential skills.



Academic Readiness in Mathematics:

A noncredit Certificate of Competency in mathematics.  This sequence of noncredit basic mathematics courses serves as a pathway to credit-bearing mathematics courses by providing students with a foundation in arithmetic and pre-algebra. Completion of this certificate also benefits students in other programs or careers where knowledge of fundamental mathematical concepts is essential for success.

Required Courses

MATH 272     Arithmetic for College Preparation

MATH 276     Pre-Algebra for College Preparation

Career and College Foundations:

A noncredit Certificate of Competency to help students successfully transition to college or a new career. This sequence of three courses allows students to explore their options and discover what they need to learn to be successful in reaching their academic or vocational goals. Work and college readiness is developed through instruction in reading and computer literacy to prepare students for further education or a new career.

Required Courses

EDUC 220      Career and College Foundations

EDUC 207      Getting Started with Computers

READ 260      Developing Literacy


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